Transformation into abundance

Butterfly crystal grid
Sunstone, Citrine, Pyrite, Hematite and Campylotes burmanus

At the still point of the unseen
seek for the transformers of existence
into abundance
measuring the illusion of scarcity
into nothingness
fly along with them
and ground the very soul of you
along the lines of the sun
touching base
manifesting what you brought from eons gone
°Woodlights Woudlicht

The act of love

Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Quartz and Larimar
Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Quartz and Larimar

A language of words not known
runs out of the portals of the skin
wrapping the world without
from the universe within
touching the tremblings in the spheres
holding the silence as a door to the uncovered
to display the fragile in all its glory
notwithstanding untouched by all its sights
like the petals that flower into bloom
no voice is needed to understand
the act of love in its essence
it just fills the room
°Woodlights Woudlicht

Moon – Astrologia

The moon in astrology
Quartz, Moonstone and Selenite

It changes
the giving
the receiving
and just as the ebb
we turn to the inner
to ride upon the waves
hearing the call of those that went before
to return to the turmoil
of the intuition and the emotion
to be honored
to be restored
°Woodlights Woudlicht

Earth – Astrologia

Earth in Astrology
Morganite, Aragonite, Moss Agate and Quartz

How the soul lingers
traversing the multiverse
in the distance
so close by
knowing we chose
to be home here
to be who we are
to be of service to
the beginning
the balance
the grounding of light
the expansion of love
the growth into what is to be
of the sacred core
°Woodlights Woudlicht