Place of peace

Aroha Stone, Morganite, Blue Lace Agate, Anhydrite, Amethyst, Pink Andean Opal, Quartz, Lavandula officinalis

From my place of peace
I pour into your hands a waterfall of gratefulness
I am indebted to your breathing as we share this time
This tribute to life is nothing more or less than 
an honor acclaimed in the darkest of times
bestowing the stars inside of us to shine
to turn to dust and remain in all
From my place of love
I shower you in my peace 
and wish you travel safely through the forest
traverse harmlessly the open fields
and in the middle of it all
you are never alone to run into the adventures 
this life offers recklessly
From my place of peace I bow in love
°Woodlights Woudlicht

This crystal grid is part of the crystal grids for the IG Project on 8 July 2022 “Grids around the World” @gridsaroundtheworld – praying for peace