Love never dies

Cryolite with Siderite, Staurolite, Quartz, Morganite, Selenite, Phrenite with Epidote, Apophylite, Dravite and Verdelite
Cryolite with Siderite, Quartz, Morganite, Staurolite, Selenite, Cobble Stone with Circle, Phrenite with Epidote, Apophylite, Dravite and Verdelite

At the end of this road
I will say goodbye
not look back
not regret
I will confide
I have loved you
from before the day we even met
tell you
I will love you all the days my soul will roam the skies
the nights
the realms
the vibrations
traverse space and time
I will be everywhere
and the only thing I will ever do is love you
even when this life says all its goodbyes
know that love never dies
°Woodlights Woudlicht


I will be traveling with a loved one, surrounded by other loved ones, to the Fields of White.

Love changing form into infinity.

I will not be around here for a while as the road ahead will take me elsewhere – off line and far away, yet so nearby. The sacred fields. Never alone. Always loved.

Until my return I will reside in the vibrations of love and silence

until my return here on this page

cherish the time together

Much love,

Anja – Woodlights Woudlicht