Sacred order

Golden Selenite, Self-healed Quartz, and Quartz
Golden Selenite, Self-healed Quartz, and Quartz

The descending of the sacred order

into the very soul of our being

traveling with the understanding that all is coming into alignment

and still, yet still

you wonder the stars out of your mind

so I will whisper once more

in languages you will comprehend

without me uttering a word

the wind will carry it unto your essence

touching your skin

all is taken care of

all is loved



not alone



never alone

°Woodlights Woudlicht

Never alone

Quartz, Golden Selenite, Ammonite, Nautilus, Agate Geode with Goethite, Epidote, Petrified Wood, Honey Calcite, Twin Quartz and Glenodite

In the cradle of the woven

the protected

to be cherished

amongst the sacred

know this is in the place you are standing now

nothing to hold you back

from shining the light you are born from eons gone

know you are loved beyond measure

and never alone

°Woodlights Woudlicht


Coral Stone, Rose Quartz, Golden Selenite and Honey Calcite

Ancient songs humming in my soul
remind me
that we all are 
immigrants in this dimension
finding shelter
only in love
°Woodlights Woudlicht

The Awakening

Golden Selenite, Rose Quartz, Goshenite, Petrified Wood, Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Schörl
Golden Selenite, Rose Quartz, Goshenite, Selenite, Petrified Wood, Quartz, Hematoid Quartz and Schörl

The arrival 
the unfolding
will be known
by love
°Woodlights Woudlicht

*** For Jessica Guillen – “To ground the current transformation and awakening” ***