The highest

Morganite, Peridot, Quartz, Amethyst, Pink Andean Opal, Aragonite, Ruby, Tourmaline, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Herkimer Diamond, Menalite, Rose Quartz and Rodochrosite

In the blueprint of abundance
the presence of love was sensed
like a seed 
planting itself inside all it encountered
and among the grateful hearts
it nested
as it felt easy to fly in and out
blown in every direction
waiting to be born
where energy was standing still
it halted and softly kissed the ground
to move again
to return to life’s sound
returning to its core
and once more resonating
the existence of the highest
of which we all share 
°Woodlights Woudlicht

The blueprint

Morganite, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Tourmaline Quartz, Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Amazonite and Dravite

To return to the essence of the beginning

into the state of love

to expand and diverge

to infuse and impart

into all

the whole

being one

that is what we came for

with the blueprint

in the stars of our veins



°Woodlights Woudlicht

Into your fields

Amethyst, Praesolite, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Quartz pyramids, Chrysanthemum and another beautiful plant

I tread into your fields
guided by a sense
that I belong
protected all along
and loved beyond measure
if I would not know better
I would say this is what the heavens would be all about
but then I tread into your fields
and I know
the heavens are the whole
°Woodlights Woudlicht

Amethyst, Praesolite, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Quartz pyramids, Chrysanthemum

In surrender

Phantom Chlorite Quartz, Bi-coloured Tourmaline, Peridot, Quartz, Kyanite, Garnet, Star Ruby and Herkimer Diamond

Naked to the human core
in surrender to the infinite
°Woodlights Woudlicht

Under my wings

Peridot, Phrenite, Phrenite with Stilbite, Phrenite with Epidote, Citrine, Nephrite, Prasem Quartz, Quartz with inclusions and Thalictrum leaves

Under my wings
a world emerges
the great playground
where we forget to play
too often
too serious
too complicated
too forgetful of all the wonders to be discovered
too ashamed to sing aloud and dance atrociously bad
too afraid to just love and be who we really are
I give you my world which is yours
All is music – spin, whirl and revolve 
Twirl your existence unto the real stage of your being
You are life’s song
°Woodlights Woudlicht

The arrival

Morganite, Peridot, Chrysoprase, Quartz, Lemurian Laser Quartz, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Laser Quartz

The arrival 
the unfolding
will be known
by love
°Woodlights Woudlicht

Is it already 3 years ago?…this grid woke me up in the middle of the night, calling me out to lay her down…and up to this day…this one still intrigues me every day…engraved deep down into my soul…still speaking, still listening….still bowing down to her wisdom.